Praktijk Bovenuit

General Practitioner's Office

Adres: Van Heuven Goedhartlaan 406
tel: 020-6432820
fax: 020-6403680

Arrangements because off the coronavirus


  • Patiënts do not come on own initiative to the practice, only after consultation by phone
  • We do not shake hands and keep if it's possible 1,5 meter distance from each other
  • The appoinments with Karin van Nimwegen are by phone
  • The appointments with Annemarie van Klaveren will be at the practise. These appointments are only for patiënts with NO Covid-19 symptoms. If you can't come to the appointment because of symtoms or personal reasons please call the assistent. We can do the appointment by phone or rescudul the appointment.

Cough-consultation hours

  • On mo-tue-wed-fri from 15.00 hours
  • On thu from 12.00 hours
  • During this hours we will only see patiënts with cough complaints
  • If the patiënts has arrived outside the practice (in your car) we want you to call the practice once again. If necessary we will give you from the gallery a face mask. The patiënt has to wear it BEFORE he/she enters the building.


  • People with airway complaints cannot go to their pharmacy to pick up their medicines. You'll have to ask someone who has no complaints or let them deliver at home (takes now 2-3 days)
  • In doubt of needing a docters appointment with your complain see first the website from (dutch)
  • Since 1 june people can test at de GGD. We want to ask the people with severe symptoms to contact the practise first

Important Links concerning coronavirus

Welcome to General practisioner's office Bovenuit.

GP Bovenuit is completely full, no new patiënts can be registered

Cancelling an appointment less than 24 hours before it is planned in the agenda will result in us billing a consult

Consultation only with an appointment!

To make an appointment you can either call with

020-6432820 or send us an email at

Your appointment made by mail is not certain till

a confirmation mail has been send back to you

For prescription refills you can  either call the GP on 

020-6432820 or you can send us an email at

Once your refill has been send to the pharmacy 

a confirmation email will be send back to you